Horsehide Ankle Holster by Kramer Holsters Reviewed

Horsehide Ankle Holster by Kramer

Horsehide Ankle Holster by Kramer

First Reviewed July 14, 2010
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Using horsehide instead of the traditional leather is one of those little details that Kramer Holsters is known for. Greg Kramer tends to be rather fond of the material and chose it for the foundation of his ankle holster design.

Utilizing horsehide is only the beginning as well when it comes to material selection for this ankle holster. Premium wool makes up the interior band which is mated to the leather with double reinforced stitching. The closure is made from a double-back velcro strap system that is secure but does not scrimp where comfort is concerned.

As can be assumed, this ankle holster is limited to small-frame pistols and revolvers. Supported frames are not listed on the website but a quick phone call will let you know whether your gun will work or not.

The ankle holster is made for right or left handed shooters. Color selection is limited to brown.

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